Leaving the Realm of the Living (EP)


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released August 28, 2015

Paz Yeger (photo of the album cover)



all rights reserved


Funeral Demon Holon, Israel

Funeral Demon is a depressive suicidel black metal, and black metal band from Israel, formed by HEVEL
Funeral Demon (supposed to) reflect ugliness, insanity, depression, suicide misanthropy, islation, etc. but with anti-religious and Satanic themes.
May you all find peace.
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Track Name: I Hate to Live
Just like a dry leaf
I fall from the tree called life
All shriveled and tired
Into a lake (of blood)

I'm turning the pages
In the book of life
My page is rotten
And empty

I'm lurking in the shadows
For some happiness
Yet I rather to be alone
In this dark room

People won't help me
Next to the rivers and the waterfalls
I want to be
Sleeping on the fog

Dark cold life
That's what people have brought at me
I see no sunshine
I only see the moon dance at the black sheet

I am useless and have no meaning
You will never understand
All happy and lie to themselves
Everything works for them

Please go
Please let me go
Track Name: Touched by the Hand of Failure
Another day of failure
Ruined by me
Yet I keep living
Without an option of suicide

My only ability is to destroy
All the things around happening because of a reason
This reason is my attendance
In this life

I can't live anymore
With the feeling of fail
I'm not good at anything
I'll only break things up

Everywhere you go
Everything you do
Is reminding you
That you are failure

I born with it
I can't get rid of it
I'm not happy with it
I was touched by the hand of agony
Track Name: Sorry to be Alive p.II
My mind is an abandoned house
Once populated by dreams and hopes
Now it's burning
And the drunk thoughts comes to destroy

Betrayed again and again
By shrill fleshes
Defeated by memories
Now the depression won

Thinking about life
And desperate reasons to live
The life scared me
Deep till my veins bleeded

Connect one thought to another
Control the escape
For every reason I have to die
There is another one beneath

This sky never saw joy
This ground never truly soaked the tears (of the sky)
The white moon is similar
To the light I'm going for