Voices from Grim Paths (FULL EP)

by Funeral Demon

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This is the first EP of the band.


released July 13, 2015

Paz Yeger (Photo of the album cover)
Tomer Laor (Drums and mixing in The Pixies cover)



all rights reserved


Funeral Demon Holon, Israel

Funeral Demon is a depressive suicidel black metal, and black metal band from Israel, formed by HEVEL
Funeral Demon (supposed to) reflect ugliness, insanity, depression, suicide misanthropy, islation, etc. but with anti-religious and Satanic themes.
May you all find peace.
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Track Name: Drowning in Acid Death
Blood coloured acid rain
From the heart of the weeping angles
Dripping on me, slowly vanishes me
I felt how it is to die

Black like the mourning
Screams of the unknown
Dream that no one will be able to know
I felt how it feels to die
I enjoyed it...
Track Name: Walking Caskets (leave me alone)
I can see only empty shells
I can see only arrogant smiles
Empty faces and broken minds

Dead covers, rotten skins
As I don't understand you, you don't understand me
Buried between forlorn and euphoria
Not counting the time

Can't sleep in the black void
Only slip from behind
You are all carve your heads in the vacant space
That now burning...

You are all mean nothing to me
You are all mean nothing to everyone
No one cares about you; no one is interested in you
I can make it better,
But I choose not.

Blackness consumes,
Consumes me...
The hate that I will never forget, the strength it holds
I can't see your faces, you are all burned

When the time is right
This black cloak will cover us
The clock of eternity will stop
And the rivers will flow

And now with my eyes open,
with my tiredness;
I can't sleep
I will make the will,
Let the blackness and pain bite you...
Track Name: Satan's Altar
Every day that passes the struggle is growing
The Pentagram turning into a shaming hexagram
Jehovah's rules not apply on me
To the 11 rules of Satan I obey

Lucifer's black flame warms me
In the shadow of the horns my rage is growing
You will be conquered by the Satanist
He the one who will defeat you the inferior enemy

You will turn the crosses,
Burn the temples
Burn the bible
And you all chant the Satanic Mass

Your beliefs will be ripped apart
And chewed by the mouth full of horns
The blood on the sand will make sense
The ritual; has began!

Don’t pray for your god
Do not do something for his name
Do not live for him
Blaspheme Jehovah
Sacrifice his name on the altar of Satan
Track Name: Where is my mind (The Pixies cover)
-The Pixies--