The Afterlife

by Funeral Demon

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released August 15, 2015

Tomer Laor (Mixing and drums for "War" cover)
Nadav Shalev (Picture of the album cover)



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Funeral Demon Holon, Israel

Funeral Demon is a depressive suicidel black metal, and black metal band from Israel, formed by HEVEL
Funeral Demon (supposed to) reflect ugliness, insanity, depression, suicide misanthropy, islation, etc. but with anti-religious and Satanic themes.
May you all find peace.
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Track Name: Foreword of Depression
The skins I used to talk to, they always said to me: "Look at the full half of the glass".
But they didn't know that my glass was full of murky water, they didn't knew that my glass was shattered long time before I used to know them.
I lost any wrath and pain, I lost everything that I felt, I become an empty skin.
All of my dreams, hopes I used to believe in, luck I thought I had; they dissolved with a lot of agony and misery.
I thought I will be the person I want to be, but instead; I've become the kind of person I hate.
I grow up to know that I will always be the loser one, the most not important one, the second option, the one that everyone will be above him in one nor a few steps.
I gave up on humans and human relationships, I lost interest of being one in a group, I vanished all the skins I know; I let everyone go... Or they were vanished by themselves... I started to fill myself with loathing for the human race and for this shitty stupid life. And especially for myself. I
Don't want to be part of this thing called life.
Rotten thoughts and eternal depression started long time ago, but they changed; now I'm just a regular normal human, boring one with nothing inside him.
Only failure dwells in me, only the bad things...
I don't want to be like everyone else, I want to be different one, I don't want to be with similar life like everyone, but it's too late because I know time will never come back to change it.
I rather to be alone than in a society, I want to be alone.
And I know I'll be just like this for eternity, for this is the life of a misanthrope and a shameless failure.
Track Name: Cold Voices (That wants me dead)
This cold voices in my head
They want me down in the grave
They drive me insane
I can't deal with it

They guide me to die
Those voices tell me the truth,
about the world ,
about me

I look down when they say
That I am the biggest loser
The biggest failure
That I need to kill myself

I have no essence in this life
Deep down you know no one cares about you
You know that nothing is about you
You doesn't speak cause you know,
that your words only destroys

You know that you will not get something special from this life
The thought leads you to truth about your life
And after you hear them,
you know you need to die...

Track Name: Isolated in death
Those sentences are empty
Empty like this body
A foggy cloud is resting at my brain
I can't understand a word (and the world)

Fear of becoming just an ash
Made this life looks darker
The coldness I embraced and the dreariness
Is now deep in my veins

Isolation is now the path
Path to the clear mind
Dead masks and dead smiles
Now you know you have failed... Again...

Once alone because of the people
Now alone because it's pleasure
I have seen reality enough
I know what will happen...

So I should take the knife,
Slit my wrists, deep with every cut
Stab my stomach few times
Then slit my throat

This body will not be found...
This body has died unknowingly
This body didn't understood the thing called life...
Track Name: The Afterlife
The present is killing me slowly
The future melts me
I vomit the past
And the good times that I'll never have again…

I want to climb the ladder
That ends in the white light
The white light that is in the end of the tunnel
The same light that's blurring my face

In this forgotten tomb
I'll dwell in silence
And surrounded by solitude and death
Pain and agony will kill all that around…

The war of this body is ended,
Don't re-ignite the flame of this soul
Track Name: The One Who Brings Death
Pentagram drowned in blood
On the sand in the clearing
There in this spot
I stabbed my head

I stood before the mighty gate
Of the skulled gate
There was fire beneath me
And lava cascades flowed in the sides of my eyes

Samael welcomed me
And from there I was on my way to the Baphomet's throne
Cries of eternal blood filled these cascades

I past the soldiers of death
Army of the dead
The stars tripped torment ash
Leviathan guarded the door

The door that's leads to Satan
I fought the beast and entered
And then I hailed the one
The one who was wormed by Lucifer's black flame

Black laughs were resounding at his void
I was touched by his fingers
And then he sanded me back to earth
The hell is here

Sulfur and pain covers my steps
For Satan send me to bring death
Track Name: Tisha'a Be'Av (תשעה באב)
Cold night falls
At the dark woods
And the dagger is ready
Infernal blood boiling

Kill Jehovah
Slay him until there is only unholiness
Kill that jew
Kill the "father"

I don't need this maggot "father"
Satanic force against the macabre rabbi
Funeral with the satanic altar
Blood and flesh ready to be burned

The jewish temple has been set aflame
The tanach has always have been a lie
Now I turn the cross and move on
To kill the bastard jewish christ

666 and more soldiers from hell
Marching for war against faith
Marching to destroy the unholy wall; the Cotell
Lost black souls reaching you
Feel the Satanic power in your own cosmos

Ave Satanas!
In nomine Satanas Luciferi excelsi!

"Crush the gates of Bethlehem and destroy Jerusalem"
Track Name: מביא האור (Mevi Ha'or)
תזכרו את השם

אתה האש
אתה המים
לך אני סוגד
בחושך אני נשאר

אתה הרע
אתה הטוב
בנשמתי תהילתך
ועל גופי צלקותיך

אתה החושך
אתה מביא את האור
אורך מקרר אותי
להבתך אינה שורפת אותי

אתה הוא
אתה היא
על מזבחותייך הדם זורם
ועל הטבע שממה מרעיפה

אתה השאלה
אתה התשובה
אני תלוי בין התקרה לרצפה

אתה העור
אתה הרוח
אני נשלט על ידייך
ברצוני להתקרב אלייך

אתה החיה
אתה האדם
קח אותי איתך אל השאול
גופות הכופרים נשחטים על ידך

אתה הירח
אתה השמש
אתה לא
אתה כן

סנוי, סנסנוי וסמנגלוף
כוחך גובר על שמותיהם
הבא את אשתך לחיקי

אני שר את שיריך
אני מפאר תהילתך
את שמותייך הרבים
אני מקבל אותך לחכי, לוציפר
Track Name: The Ending
I can barely keep my eyes shut. I keep hearing these lost voices in the cold black void in my head, they not let me sleep.
I can't see real, I see those shadow figures and monsters reach me, I see my end and why I deserve to die. I see and hear my life and how much they're worthless.
My face reflects so little of what is inside of me. The average shitty life I'm in. And the shitty life I have.
The only friends I have now are those voices, the only true friend I have; is the depression.
I should travel from this world to the after, to the nothing beyond, the nothing that doesn't exist, where there is nothing and you're like sleeping. The nothing like I am now, this is where I should end this life; this is where my life ends...