Rehearsals 2015​-​2016


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This is a demo of rehearsals between 2015-2016.
Displayed with new FD logo, depression and misanthropy.

At the album cover there is the death and life runes, not in context of white power.


Don't be afraid of death nor suicide. End all of your misery, fuck those who is trying to help, they will never understand, just end it all and it will be fine, no one will see the world different without you.
May you all find peace.


released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Funeral Demon Holon, Israel

Funeral Demon is a depressive suicidel black metal, and black metal band from Israel, formed by HEVEL
Funeral Demon (supposed to) reflect ugliness, insanity, depression, suicide misanthropy, islation, etc. but with anti-religious and Satanic themes.
May you all find peace.
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Track Name: Anti Human - Anti Life
Anti human, anti life
Hail Satan, fuck god
Fuck islam, fuck allah, fuck muhammad
Track Name: This Band Sucks
This band sucks
This guitars sucks
This bass sucks
This drums sucks
This vocals sucks
This lyrics sucks
This dreariness sucks
This life sucks
This meaning sucks
This melody sucks
This records sucks
This dream sucks
This song sucks
This band is fucking sucks
But this depression fine
Track Name: Raiding Cnaan
From the dark heavy fog you arise
From the dark cold boiling abyss
You carry us the eternal flame
Your steps are heard from miles!
To Judas villages we are marching
Riding on black horses
Carry with us the eternal flame
To burn the house of Yehovah
Jews and Clerics dying by our axes
The village is burning
The black flame of Lucifer consumes all
And we are marching to the next village
No more religious coercion
Lies and superstitions now buried under the sand!
With hate and rage the horses are galloping
Satan's hymns are heard beneath us
My strength for Satan!
All my sins corrupts the villages of Cnaan
Mageney David burning black
A rabbi hanging from the synagogue
Dead children, women and men
Are reaching to my knees
I rescue the witches from their jail
And now the pentagram is shining in the endless sky
Serpents covering the temple of Yehovah
The name of thy ungodliness is satisfied!
Track Name: Happiness is Just a Phase
I'm walking on the way to fadedness
You know you are fake
But you wonder how everybody else can’t see it

Seek, seek, seek for your life
You don't have any
Find, find your way out of this world
Stop living and remove yourself from here

I'm taking my last steps on this earth
And then I remember I never truly walked
I just crawled all along

Dying breathes and coughs

Look down to your death
Find your way out of this world
Walk on your way to fadedness
Don't be afraid, don't keep living

Leave me alone
March to your grave
Listen to your eulogy and die

Seduce yourself into a field of darkness
When you will feel calm and you will fall asleep
You know you succeeded
Slaughter the cries of those who surrounds you!
Track Name: Empty Pain
Vacant nightmare without an end
Eternal endless battle
The will to live died
Fuck your intentions to help
You are all the same
The sun is over and now the moon will get his cold
Make this night to its limit
Sharp thy will
Sinister laughs and venom masks
Poisoned words and holding against the will
In the last morning I'll stand, and the sun won't shine
Empty pain and thoughts beyond all reach
Sustained unconscious in the nail bed
Bleeding the last hopes and breath for the last time
The monsters keep you alive with no end
They don't care and make it all happen again
Reminder, Echoes...

Fight from within
There is no winner, only bruisers
Smoke that will never be there
Red that will never reach you
Screams that only heard from this place
This place that exist in the corner
Your shrine
Their void
Your bottomless pit
Their soft place
Track Name: There will not be a note
Rejected and ignored
What time has brought at me?
I feel the need of my death
To be sealed in a coffin under the ground

I'm waiting to feel the cold steel in my mouth
To leave this world my molded brain
To leave stench skull

I will cover these walls with my blood
All my thoughts will blow away
No one will see this
No one knows you're there

I don't care about what others will think
When I will done here
I will be free from this shitty race
From you fucking humans

I'm eliminating my time

Nothing bothering because of the emptiness
A long time ago there was something in there
When you stopped to feel joy,
When you stopped to be close to someone
When you stopped wanting company
Along the way you died slowly...

Let me run away from everything
I hope you all will kill yourselves
And when I'll be gone there will not be a note