Obliterate Mankind


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Recorded through all 2016,
Comes with a bonus cover track "ג'ינג'יות" (cover of the band ג'ינג'יות)


released January 6, 2017

Tomer Laor (mixing bonus track)



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Funeral Demon Holon, Israel

Funeral Demon is a depressive suicidel black metal, and black metal band from Israel, formed by HEVEL
Funeral Demon (supposed to) reflect ugliness, insanity, depression, suicide misanthropy, islation, etc. but with anti-religious and Satanic themes.
May you all find peace.
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Track Name: I Don't Belong Here
As the time pass
Can't believe even to my own lies
Ruining all the creations
Becoming all the things I hate
All this time that I'm alive
I've only was trying to survive
Playing you in this eternal game
But it keeps hurting me back
It will not get any better
Despair, disappointment
Dwells in every act
Suicide is thy way
Where the earth will cover me
Finally I will rest, without waking up
Circled by endless freezing forest
Shadows in the fog
The smell of the first rain
In this funeral silence
Stench of carcass
It will only get worse
There is nothing that can be done about it
Messed up again
Living with an ache in the heart
I don't belong here
Track Name: Through the Lies of the Naives
My trust was never given to anyone
Trust is for the naives

And now... After all the betraying I've been through
There is nothing in me
My inner voice is desperate for something
Carving to feel something
I don't care anymore about anything at all
Everything wilts
Sadness and misery is accepted
Cruel infinite period
Just go away from me and leave
I don't need your presence near me
There is no power left in me
And there will never be
Track Name: Silence
Ruined I am
In this funeral I created to myself
Cold winds, thunder and rain
Dirge for my broken pieces
Mourning alone
Under the tree where the noose once tightened
Moon covered by winter clouds
Cold winds carry my pain

Rotting poison in the cure
Blood mixed with acid vomit
Neglected scars start to decay
Dead roses in May, with thorns dripping blood
The moon barely observe, the sun is blind
Surrounded by silence
No interference of an inferior

There is only one wish
That can only be fulfilled once
To be buried an not be found

Life has no value
And it bothers
This feeling of ache inside will never pass
Death saves
Unidentified purpose
Track Name: As I Pound the Nails
As he begs for mercy
And his blood dropping into my mouth
I'm drinking it with pleasure
Drunk from bloody wine
I hammer the last nail
Pounding stronger and harder
He cries blood
The "son" of "god" lost!
Shadows of the tortured souls breathe and bite his neck
They pounding their teethes in his soul's flesh
Cracking his veins with Satan's blood
Drinking his mother's tears
Laugh at her screams
His body melts as they call Thy dark lord names
More nails I've brought
More wounds I created on his flesh
I take the stench body to the brothel
And sets the night on fire!
Sets the night on stench!
Track Name: The Fall of the Desert
Blaspheme his name
Break the crescent
Sandstorm of evil and unholy ghouls
No star between the Lune!
They will fall as they rage war
When the eternity will end
Satan's (Angra Mainyu) victory will be seen

Track Name: Rise Armageddon
Cold dark winter day
Bring my spirit into new high levels
Satan's purity within my blood
Evil is rising again from the inner black endless abyss
Power of wolf, crow and beasts of the dark
This night in Tel Megiddo
Satan and all his mighty
Demons and their power
Will create world's funeral

Win in this Armageddon!
Leave no mercy for jesus and his believers
Burn this world in Armageddon!
No human will survive
Hail Armageddon!
Satan is rising christ is dead

No power will conquer Sheol
Repeat 6 6 6 to wipe human form
Only evil dwells in this war
And it will destroy the vatican to ashes
It's burning for eternally
It's bringing suffering to all whom believe in god
juda, natzrat, quraysh
There is no escape from this frost
In Tel Megiddo buried the Antichrist
The flames will revive him
The snow will give him strength
The thunder is his heart
Massgrave for all of one he will kill
jesus will never be again
His name is cursed
This world is not for humans to live